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News Source:  Writer:  Published:2012-5-30

● Museum of Oriental Musical Instruments ● Shanghai Natural Wild-Insect Kingdom
● Madame Tussauds Wax Museum ● Navy Shanghai Museum
● Shanghai Museum of TCM ● Shanghai History Museum
● Shanghai Postal Museum ● The Museum of Natural Sciences
● Shanghai Railway Museum ● Shanghai Geological Museum
● China Dairy Museum ● C.Y. Tung Maritime Museu
● Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum ● Shanghai Museum of Public Security
● Huang Daopo Memorial Hall ● Exhibition Hall of Shanghai Aerospace
● Shanghai Entomological Museum ● Hand-printed Blue Nankeen Exhibition Hall
● Wulixiang - Shikumen Open House ● Shanghai Astronomy Museum
● Shanghai Animation and Comics Museum ● China Maritime Museum
Museum of Oriental Musical Instruments
Add: 20 Fenyang Rd. Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 64370137 Ext.2134

Located inside the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the museum has collected and displayed more than 400 instruments. It has 4 parts, the Chinese Ancient Instruments, the Present Chinese Instruments, the Instruments of China's    
Minority Nationalities and the Instruments of Foreign Minority Nationalities.

The musical instruments of the foreign minority nationalities are from Korea, India, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Australia and West African countries and regions. 
Shanghai Natural Wild-Insect Kingdom
Add: 1 Fenghe Rd, Pudong
Tel: +86 21 58406950
Public transport: The closest metro station to the tower is Lujiazui Station on Metro Line No.2.
Visiting Hours: 9:00-17:00
Shanghai Natural Wild-Insect Kingdom, located between the Riverside Promenade and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, is the first of its kind in China.

The birds and the bees, the beetles and the butterflies, all your usual creepy crawlies are on display in this kingdom housing several galleries, including a tropical rainforest and a reptile cave. Some of the insect models can be pretty tacky to adult eyes, but kids like the interactive exhibits where they can feed critters and catch fish. 
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
Add: 10/F, New World Department Store, No.2-26 West Nanjing Road
Tel: +86 21 63587878
Public transport: Metro Line 1 and Metro Line 2 at People's Square Station
Hundreds of millions of people have flocked through the doors of Madame Tussauds since they first opened over 200 years ago and it remains as popular today as it ever was. There are many reasons for this enduring success, the most important reason is the people's curiosity. Visitors will have an opportunity to take an emotionally journey through the realms of the powerful and famous celebrities. 
Navy Shanghai Museum
Add: 68 Tanghou Rd. Wusong, Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 56163295

The Navy Shanghai Museum consists of 4 exhibition halls. The exhibition of the navy history: there are over 5,000 pictures and over 1,500 objects, describing the historical evolution of    
China's Coastal Defense, modern history of China's territorial sea, the composition of the history of development of the People's Navy.

Exhibition of Navy Equipment: over 1,000 pictures and 500 pieces of arms, ship and plane models, Showroom of Ships and Planes, shooting range for light-duty arms.

Exhibition of Marine Education: consisting of marine wonders and marine art, the mysterious and beautiful sea world, magnificent objects in the sea, over 1,000 artworks of paintings, sculptures, porcelain, and wax printing and over 1,000 pictures. All these vividly impress one with the sense of national territory, marine economy and marine culture. 

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