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SWS, Kick-off Meeting for PSV
News Source: Writer:  Published:2013-7-11

In the afternoon of June 18, SWS held "The Technical Clarification on Contract & Kick-off Meeting for PSV Project". The meeting marks the PSV project officially started, and also declared SLO officially entered the offshore auxiliary vessel construction field, which realized the breakthrough of the product structure restructuring of SWS.
In the meeting, all branch managers have respectively made the brief introductions on the contract and business, technology, material procurement, construction milestones, cost control and other aspects The top management requires the Design Department, Procurement and Supply Dept. and other close-coordination department to pay close attention to carry out the preliminary design, material orders, and to strictly control the purchase cost and the project process by the proven management mode of offshore engineering project system, to create a favorable condition for the construction of the first PSV.
All participants expressed that they would go all out to the preparatory work for the project, and unswervingly complete the issued project plans to ensure the key milestones of the project achieved smoothly.