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Fairmount Safely Delivers OSV Harvey Rover to Suriname
News Source: OFFSHOREENERGYTODAY.COM Writer:  Published:2013-7-26

Super tug Fairmount Expedition has delivered offshore support vessel Harvey Rover safely in the port of Paramaribo, Suriname. Harvey Rover encountered engine problems while en route from South Africa to Trinidad.

The Fairmount Expedition was in Trinidad when her assistance was required by the owner of Harvey Rover, US-based Harvey Gulf International. When facing engine problems the 2010 build, 3.134 DWT, 75 meters long Harvey Rover was en route towards Trinidad and about 330 miles North-East of Brazilian port Ponta de Madeira.

Fairmount Expedition departed from Trinidad and met with Harvey Rover within four days. When hooked-up the convoy set sail for Trinidad but received orders to go to Paramaribo to let Harvey Rover’s engine problems resolved. The Harvey Rover was delivered safely in Paramaribo just twelve days after Fairmount Expedition’s assistance was required.