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COSL Buys Two New PSVs
News Source: Writer:  Published:2013-7-31

China Oilfield Services Limited announced that it has recently purchased two newly-constructed platform supply vessels.

Built by Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., the two vessels belong to the same KCM75M model and each of them has an overall length of 75 meters, an overall deck area of 700 sq. m, gross tonnage of 3,300 tonnes and a main-turbine power output of 6,000 horsepower. Equipped with a DP2 dynamic positioning capability, each vessel is able to carry fuel, drilling fluids, fresh water, bulk materials etc., and is able to prevent fire outbursts and improve recovery on spillage. One of the vessels has completed construction and has been successfully delivered recently, while the other vessel has been scheduled to have construction completed and delivered by the end of August. After undergoing equipment adjustment and obtaining related licenses, both vessels are expected to commence operation in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Both vessels are able to satisfy requirements for operations in China South Sea, thereby further enhancing the Group’s capabilities in marine service and transport sector.